Membership Criteria and Qualifications

Full time faculty, clinical fellows, residents, instructors or adjunct faculty with appointments at Cincinnati Children’s, University of Cincinnati, and UC Health are encouraged to apply for membership to the Cincinnati Cancer Center.

Individuals must have an active commitment to participate in cancer research, patient care and/or education as defined by:

  • Serving as principal investigator or co-investigator for grants or collaborative projects relevant to basic, translational or clinical cancer research, or population-based/community outreach-related cancer studies.
  • Serving as principal investigator or co/sub-investigator in active cancer clinical trials (therapeutic or non-therapeutic)
  • Active collaboration with one or more existing Cincinnati Cancer Center members on cancer-related studies.
  • Newly recruited faculty member within initial period of appointment with cancer focus.
  • Demonstrated specialized skills relevant to Cincinnati Cancer Center shared facilities or programmatic goals. (Note: This would include researchers not represented by the traditional academic departments of UC or Cincinnati Children’s or who do not meet the standard criteria for membership whose efforts are deemed important or essential to the goals of the Cincinnati Cancer Center.)